We train young professionals in U.S. tax law and financial regulations. We are now accepting applications for one  six-month internship position in The Hague to start immediately in 2019.   If you are a law or accountancy student studying international taxation and have a serious interest in American tax law issues, we'd love to hear from you.   

To apply, please follow these instructions and provide three documents in PDF form. 

  • a letter explaining why you are interested in this position

  • a writing sample of no more than five pages.

  • your CV

Name your documents this way: Last name First name  Document Description. For example, applicant Jane Doe would name her documents like this:

  • Doe Jane Letter of Interest,

  • Doe Jane Writing Sample,

  • Doe Jane CV.

When you have these documents ready, complete this questionnaire.  You will be asked to upload each document to complete the questionnaire.

Our Office Robot will acknowledge receipt of your application. Christine Dahl will contact only those applicants who have been selected for an interview.