FBARs Made Easier


FBARs Made Easier


International tax lawyer Christine Dahl provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and a currency converter so you can quickly and accurately prepare your own Foreign Bank Account Report. You will learn

  • whether you need to file a foreign bank account report; 
  • which financial accounts need to be reported and how to calculate their value; and 
  • how to complete the official form and file it with the US Treasury Department. 

Get your questions answered:  We cover the five W's:

  • WHO needs to file a foreign bank account report 
  • WHAT needs to be reported
  • HOW to count to $10,000
  • WHEN to file the report and 
  • WHERE to file the report  

You'll get 1 PDF Guide, links to the official websites and a link to the currency conversion spreadsheet.

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